With Document Generation For Mendix it is possible to implement footnotes in your document. Below you can find the description of how to set up your template for footnotes.

Place the cursor on the desired footnote position in your Word template. This can either be in a table containing multiple objects or in a container with a single object. Then click on 'References' from the Word Menu bar and choose 'Insert footnote'. See the below image for illustration purposes:

A little number will be placed at the location of the cursor and a line and corresponding number will appear in the footer of the page. Place the desired mergefields and text in the footer after the corresponding number. Don't forget to place the correct TableStart and TableEnd mergefields in the footnotes if you are using multiple mergefields from different objects. With a footnote in a table with multiple rows, Word will automatically place the correct footnote reference when generating the document based on the number of rows and update any following references.

When done editing, save your template to your application. When generating your document, the above configuration will result in the following result. The second footnote is updated to the fifth, based on the table with products: